Pentwater Arts, Galleries, Antiques
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Art on the Town - 165 South Hancock St, Pentwater - 231.869.8107
Caesar's Palette - 57 E First St, Pentwater - 231.869.8880
Carriage House Antique Mall - 50 Second St, Pentwater - 231.869.0222
Chris Hammack Studio - 190 S Hancock St, Pentwater - 231.869.8889
Kook's Eye Gallery - 42 W Second St, #4, Pentwater - 231.719.1914
Our Gallery - 226 S Hancock St, Pentwater - 231.869.8211
Pentwater Northern Lights - 42 W Second St, Pentwater - 231.869.3400
Silver Hills Antiques at Gustafson's - 189 S Hancock St, Pentwater - 231.869.5026

Western Michigan is a place of great beauty. The white sand beaches of Lake Michigan and the accompanying sunsets, the collage of brilliant colors in autumn, and the lush greens of spring all add to the brilliance of the Pentwater area. It's no wonder that this region inspires creativity and has given birth to many talented local artists!

Within the town of Pentwater there are a handful of exceptional art galleries displaying sculpture, professional photography, original paintings, and other craftsmanship.

Below you will find a selection of the Pentwater art galleries. During your visit, make sure you stop in and admire the work of Pentwater's talented, local artisans!