Pentwater & Silver Lake Area Motor Rentals
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Parrots Landing - 8110 W Hazel Rd, Mears - 231-873-8400
Silver Lake Buggy Rentals - 8288 W Hazel Rd, Mears - 231-873-8833
Wave Club Watersports Rentals - 1220 North Shore Dr, Silver Lake - 231-873-3700
Wild Bill's Quad Rentals - 8110 W Hazel Rd, Silver Lake - 231-873-8400

The Pentwater and Silver Lake, Michigan region is a Mecca for motor sport enthusiasts! Lake Michigan and the inland lakes are perfect for boating, water skiing, and riding Sea Doos and Jet Skis on hot summer days. The thrill of speeding across the water is definitely the highlight of many vacations.

Nearby Silver Lake is also home to towering sand dunes offering a large off-road vehicle area, where visitors can race and climb for miles! Dune Buggies, Jeeps, Dirt Bikes, Quads, and trucks are all permitted to join the fun.

Although locals certainly enjoy these motor sport activities, they are available to visitors as well, thanks to a handful of motor rental companies operating in the Pentwater / Silver Lake region. Guests are free to rent quality speed boats, Sea Doos, jeeps, Quads, and Dune Buggies of various sizes. Rent for an hour or rent for a day. It's entirely up to you.